Can you still get a DVR 510 for Free or $99


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Oct 2, 2003
Is this deal still going on for existing subs.

Do exclusive customers get it for Free still? Is that a 1 year or 2 year.

I call a CSR and they knew nothing about any deals.
ScottChez said:
I call a CSR and they knew nothing about any deals.

Ask for the supervisor (I believe they also call them their "trainers"). Offer is 'sposedly good through 4 Jan, if I am not mistaken.
I got my 510 installed two weeks ago.

In exchange for a 2 year commitment I got:

a Free 510 Receiver
a Free Additional SW64 Switch
3 Free Splitters for the 61.5, 110, and 119 feeds to the 2 SW64s.
All New Cabling
Free Installation (and the guy they sent did an amazing job by securing a piece of plywood to the wall in my basement, and securing all the switches and cables in an extra neat configuration and labeled everything)

My cost = $5 a month for the additional receiver fee (No PVR fee as I have AEP)

For all the grief E* gets, they did me right on this one. I figure I got $750 worth of equipment and labor for free.

If your ports are maxed out, jump on this deal to give you expansion room for the future. I've got three more ports available now in case I want to upgrade to some more two tuner DVRs in the future.....
When I called and asked, the first CSR told me that deal was over and they were only offering the $99/one year committment. However, I called back the next day and talked to a separate CSR. She also told me the deal was over, but for me, she was able to do it. So, I scheduled the install. After getting a confirmation call from the installer, I told them I had legacy equipment and wanted to make sure they carried everything they needed out here to install it properly. The supervisor tried to tell me that I would have to pay $149 for a legacy quad LNB, so I said "forget the install". I called Dish to tell them to cancel the install as well and the CSR said NO! The installer is to put into place WHATEVER equipment it takes to get you upgraded, free of charge. She made a notation on my account and gave me an operator number to give the supervisor guy. I called back and told him and he said that once they confirmed that, they would come out to install it. Sure enough, the tech that showed up to install it said that on the paperwork from Dish, it stated "any necessary equipment for complete installation" was included. He said usually Dish was very picky about what they would reimburse installers for and required all kinds of prior approval for any modifications on an install.

Anyway, I got my 510 free with a 2 year committment and a $24.97 charge for refusing CC autopay. I also got a DP44 switch and some new cables run (that's not to say he replaced all the cables, just some and added a couple new ones).

I took the 2yr. 1 because Free appeals to the wife. 2. I've bee with Dish for 3+ years and I'm not expecting to leave anytime soon.
I'm not sure why people Do 2 year contracts. I would never sighn my life away like that .

You've only got 2 years to live?

I've been with E* for three and a half years and with my $1500 worth of equipment already invested, I'm not going anywhere. If I got so fed up with the Sunday Ticket situation, I would add a second dish just for that, but the extra channels I get from E* (HBO Comedy, Showtime Beyond, CBS-HD and a few others) will keep me here.
ROLLTIDE Posted: Wed 17 Dec, 2003 Post subject:


I'm not sure why people Do 2 year contracts. I would never sighn my life away like that .

I also have quite a bit of money invested in their equipment. I'm not going anywhere for a long time. Two years is not a problem for me.

Will you want leave if they take away the CNN and Turner channel due to the contract issue? What about the Viacom cartoon channels?

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