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Sep 11, 2003
Ontario, Canada
Canadian question.

Simply; can I buy a 622 from and have it shipped to me in Canada? Or do all receivers require to be activated before shipping?

Careful when activating it after install......
And Canadian customs at border crossing? Odds of being pulled/checked?
Don't forget, reception of US material is controlled by law in Canada. I believe you cannot legally subscribe to E* or D* in Canada- so why would they allow the import of E* equipment, especially if you did not declare it in advance?

That law is not evil, it is to help preserve Canadian culture.
I know for a fact that the purchase of Dish or Directv equipment isn't illegal in Canada. I

It is only the reception that is illegal. I know it sounds absurd but it is true.

They are more than happy to allow you to pay duty on the equipment....... there I said it again :)

Just a personal update...

From personal experience, there is no duty, only tax, applicable to electronics coming into Canada. I have bought an 811 receiver and had Sirius long before they were in Canada. Be prepared to go through an extreme hassle to get a Dish net receiver activated. They will want a US social security number ( something unheard of being asked in the Great white north due to privacy concerns) but once you are setup go for electronic billing on their web site and pay online. I have a Vonage account with a Tampa virtual number (where my sister in law lives) and use her address. I have not had the need to call them in a long time but the number is still active. Any mail sent out I get forwarded to me anyways.

Good Luck

Actually, I meant that Canadians say that drinking American Light Beer is like drinking Water.

Though when visiting my father-in-law in Cameron, i tend to drink Blue Light whenever he buys a Double Blue. I agree that's it's not what Americans consider "Light".
Actually, I meant that Canadians say that drinking American Light Beer is like drinking Water.

Ok, with apologies for hijacking the thread, I'll just close with this Canadian favorite:

Question: What do drinking American beer and making love in a canoe have in common?

Answer: They're both as close to f'in water as you'll ever get.

(mods, please don't take away my access for this :p)

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