Canceling Dish and Moving to...?


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Jan 20, 2004
I've been a dish customer going on two months. I got an 811 installed Dec 29th and have nothing but issues with it. I've seen posts of others with the same problems. I was hoping that this last software update would fix some of these problem, but it was delayed. At this point I don't know what to do. I am thinking of giving up on E* and switching to Voom or DirecTV. Voom is attractive due to the number of HD channels, DTV for the HDTivo which is promised soon.

I am concerned that if I cancel E* will screw me with fees for cancelling the one year service agreement. I'd like to just ship everything back and be done with it. I am also nervous that I am not going to get anything better anywhere else.

I know this is a dangerous question....but what do y'all think? Have any of you switched? Did E* give you any hassles?

Paddy Hannon
boba said:
You signed a 1 Yr. contract DISH will hold you to the cancellation penalty.

I thought the hardware was supposed to work? Shouldn't the contract be void if the hardware doesn't work as advertised? Is Dish immoral enough to ruin someone's credit for canceling a contract that includes hardware that doesn't work, if they don't pay the penalty?
deathopie...great avitar. The people that made that quiznos commerical have be on on crack or something, it makes no sense. It's really funny though.
When I get home tonight I am going to look for the contract. I don't recall getting one, but I must have. I bet selling my 811 on ebay would cover the termination fee.


Do you have a paper trail? E* is more likely to back down if you have email, snail mail, and contemporaneous logs of your phone conversations.

It's also important that you present problems that YOU are having. E* isn't going to care about stuff you've read on forums.

Your credit card company may be able to help you out, as well. They'll probably insist that you give E* a chance to fix the problems.

I am not a lawyer, but these are things I've found useful in dealing with phone companies, insurance companies, and the like. The trick is to stick with what is happening to YOU. Make sure your side of the story is "just business". The facts will speak for themselves, and you should be able to get satisfaction.

Just the same problems that everyone has been having. Dark SD out, OTA issues, etc. The biggest issue is dark SD DVR is getting lonely!

deathopie said:
But if they've given you equipment that doesn't work as advertised........
Cool avitar deathopie, every time I see that commercial it cracks me up. :haha
I just called Voom, no 1 year contract, so I signed up. If they do not provide better service than Dish or if there are problems with the reciever I can just send it back. Also, since the install date is March 7th maybe E* will push down the 811 update and if it fixes things I can cancel the install. If not, I guess I'll run them side by side for a while and then make up my mind...


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