Can't locate problem on Superdish?!


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May 23, 2004
I installed a superdish Friday. I had strong signals on all three satellites. It was a pole mount with about 100 feet of buried cable. I mounted the 34 switch on the condo next to the cable box. Cable guy came out and unlocked the box and I patched into the existing cable. Customer called saying they lost signal today. I came out and noticed the 119 and 110 signal was intermittent. 121 signal was fine. Signal on 119 and 110 is strong for about ten seconds then cuts out for a second and goes back up. These are things I have tried so far.
checked and replaced f connectors.
bypassed the 34 switch.
ran test cable from dish to switch to make sure buried cable wasn't bad.
trimmed a few branches i thought may be causing a line of sight issue.
did a check switch on all three receivers.
bypassed the ground.
swapped the superdish lnb's.
tweaked skew a little.
called dish tech support and they ran out of ideas...

any idea's guys? stumped.
I'm going back in the morning to try and figure it out.
Thank you for any help.
I have had this problem before and it sounds like the receiver is bad. Try connecting another receiver in it's place to see if it does the same thing and if it does then try replacing the DP34 switch first. If it does not do the same thing then replace the receiver.
I will try but i doubt all three recievers are bad. Also during my testing I bypassed the 34 switch and the problem was still there.
If you find that the other receivers are doing that as well then it may be a loss of signal from the dish, lnbf, the switch, or the wire. Trying to use one wire at a time from the dish from the 105/121, 110, or 119 satellite will cause you to have to select that particular satellite in the signal strength screen to see if it is getting a satellite signal.
You are using the cable prewire? Try running 1 cable from the DP-34 to a receiver and see if the problem continues on that receiver. Suspicion is splitters in line or the wrong frequency compatibility on the cable lines.
I went there this morning and everything was fine. The signal was strong and steady on all three satellites. Then I got a call in the afternoon saying the problem had returned. Put another four hours in trying to figure it out and still no luck. replaced 34 switch with no change,however,the third receiver failed the check switch and didn't detect two of the three satellites. The other two receivers passed a check switch but all still have problem with intermittent 119 and 110 signal. 121 is fine. The 119 signal seems to be experiencing more extreme signal loss than the 110. Tried bypassing the 34 switch once more and problem still persists. Checked continuity with my meter and 75 ohm cap. I am patching into existing wire in a new condo. The other condo's have dishes on them. I also tried a in line amp with no difference. The dish is also pointing over a busy interstate but has clear line of sight. My head is starting to throb.
I will try bypassing the prewire tomorrow morning. If that is the problem is there any way around that...besides the obvious?
Check the barrels in the prewired wallplates.. they're probably not swept to 2250.

Maybe splitters in the walls?
I found the problem. A massive buried powerline running alongside interstate 94. It was fairly close to the dish. My last attempt at a solution was a faraday cage...didn't work.

Signal meters, what do they look for?

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