Can't watch DVR or Live show on laptop


SatelliteGuys Pro
Nov 27, 2006
My experience with Dish Online have shown me it's pretty buggy. I almost always use an Android device and frequently I'll have to attempt to connect up to four or five times before it "catches".

Then today I used an Android tablet for the first time and the guide display listed 20+ locals from a lot of different cities. Clearly the app doesn't actually get your guide but the one you should have according to your customer data. But now we know that that can develop a glitch too.

And I get complete lockups every once in a while. Generally if i just exit and try next day everything is fine.

That's the good, bad and the ugly of Dish On Line the way I see it.

But if you can't get connected even once go to the online chat on the Dish support pages. They are very sharp and will chase down your particular problem.... though they might not be able to fix it as my first visit when they found the glitch and said "it is a known problem we are attempting to correct."

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