Carey: DirecTV A ‘Centerpiece’ For Liberty (1 Viewer)


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I Missed part of this due to late start and had to leave, this is what I heard...
In the last year we have added Masters French open, Friday Night Lights in VOD... DVR Excellence, DVR scheduling and afull home solution at the end of the year... Service, execution... it is an ongoing thing.
We need to continue to build on our strengths.

Q: Given that your competition is gaining how do you keep this from being a flash?

A: We need to make it a great experience, Inside HD our challenge is to improve. In August we will have more capacity, a level of service to the customer that will set us apart. Service should show up at the top of the list, Sports we are first, Dvr we have a top product, we have a great interface. we continue to find innovations to make the DirecTv experience a richer one.
Q: The conception is Directv was the best HD provider, has that manifested itself?
A: We have established our self's as the leader in HD, we delivered the product, and delivered the goods... we have an advantage over cable that varies from one place to another. With Directv you get the same service, everything is the same... available to all in the country. This is what set us apart, I think that ability to deliver a level of quality is a benefit for us.

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