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Feb 27, 2006
Livonia, Michigan
How can I find out if these stations are having problems, Ive not gotten either one to come in since 8 PM, sound and no picture.

This is 2nd time in 3 days at least 2 channels have been out. WTF????

HD Channels BTW.
My Name is Earl and The Office recorded fine here on NBC HD. What are your signal levels like on 118 transponders 4 and 5? ABC is on TP4 and the other 3 are on TP5.
The problems you are having are not exclusive to your area. I have been complaining about my local HD channels since they became active, a few months ago (San Diego).
E* assigned an engineer in Virginia to help me. She gave me her ph# and e-mail address. For the last month, I have gotten a msg that the E* ph# is no longer active, and I have not received any responses to my e-mails.

E-mails to other executive offices have also yeilded no response.:mad:

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