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  1. Guys I didn't know where to put this but here you go.

    Here recently I talked to a few people about getting a security camera for my apartment with a PVR. My mom has called me several times when i go to the college at night or driving. My mom calls me up and tells me someone is trying to get in through the front door he or she opens my screen door BANGS on my front door and turns the handle. At odd hours it could be from 1am to 7:30 am I am getting tired of it so here recently I have bought a security camera for my front door that will sit on my pc tower outside. I want to get a PVR so I can record it while I am gone so I can catch the bastard trying to get in. I have live in the same apartment for 22 years I thought I would never had to get one well times have changed. Maybe I can go into cctv business as a side project from this. What do you guys think about this? Last night Thursday into Friday morning I came home. Someone came by and started disconnecting my wires for my external powered switches I am mad they are going after my mom now my dish.

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  2. The camera lets you see what is going on but doesn't do much to stop the perps. Get some signage. "Video surveillance in use" "This property protected by S&W"
  3. 1 am to 7:30 am sounds like it may be a confused drunk coming home.

    Years and years ago in a apartment, I went through that bull. Neighbor had a woman move in with him and she went to the bars just about every night. She'd come home all hours of the night and bang on his door because he didn't give her a key. Some nights she'd bang on the wrong door. Thankfully, the landlord kicked their asses out after a while.

    If anyone new has moved in close to you and hits the bars at night, that could be your culprit.
  4. In addition to the above, allowing any access or putting the cable or camera within reaching/touching distance of anyone is a big mistake.
  5. I agree with the above. I would find another place to put that camera.
    Also if you must put that box outside with all your switches, I would invest in a box that is WP and locks.
    With that just sitting outside under a trash bag, it is just attracting malice.
    It is also an eyesore for your landlord to complain about.
  6. I put the camera on my satellite dish right behind it and under the az el mount. They would have to really work hard to get to the camera look at the pics. The trash bag keeps my old pc tower and switches dry.
  7. I wouldn't trust the trash bag to keep the PC and switches dry for very long. UV will quickly disintegrate the trash bag, as those are meant to be biodegradable. Even though rain may not be able to get in, soon humidity will. Also, many small insects and creatures will love to crawl up inside that PC since it is nice and warm on a cold evening...
  8. Bit concerning running 120vac to a PC outdoors in that situation. Might be wise to look into other options...
  9. Its an empty pc tower nothing in it i gutted it to put the switches in. The trash bag is temp job until i get something better.
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  10. Makes sense! Didn't think you would really be running a PC outside like that. :)
  11. Here are some pics what it looks like from the inside. Its cool cham i mounted the camera in hole in the az el mount with 2 mason lids proping it up. To make clear the hole for the knob.

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  12. Looks like an old Dell box.
    I have an outdoor box clamped to the bud's mast for my switches, All conduit running between the various dishes and the house except for the lines running to the bud LNBF. The box is white so it doesn't soak up too much heat, and being behind the bud it doesn't get any sunlight except very early in the morning cooler times of the season. Trouble is I am running out of room, might have to re-do my system eventually with a bigger outdoor enclosure.
    Always something in this hobby to change, improve, or add... :)
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  13. Its an old dell tower that can be pulled apart.