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Feb 9, 2005
CEDIA Blog- JVC HD-1 1080P Projector

I'm a bigot.

I've been on the DLP bandwagon for a few years now. Today I was invited to see JVC's new 1080p D-ILA front projector the JVC HD-1.


If you read my blogs and reviews you know that I'll tell it like I see it, good or bad. I guarantee you'll be impressed with this projector.

Top view

Rear inputs

Due out the first quarter of 2007 (February) the HD-1 is certainly a thing of beauty, there is no MSRP yet but the JVC Exec's assured me it would be less than $7,000.

The HD1 utilizes a $300 UHP lamp at 200 watts, producing 800 lumens and a 10,000:1 native contrast ratio. Numbers, numbers, lies and statistics! How does it translate to real world performance?

JVC had the prototype HD1 in a theater side by side with a $10,000 Sony VW-100.

While watching scenes of 1080i material from Japan of Sumo wrestling, a singer, Star Wars, Shrek and others I realizes that my eyes were drawn to the JVC. Set up side by side on identical screens the Sony's (Medium color temp and Iris on) image looked like it had been in a smokey bar for several months. While still impressive the JVC had better whites, three dimentionality, shadow detail and silver, the Sony's image was more yellow and leaned toward red.

What was really impressive though, and easy to see, was the corporate culture of JVC. As a veteran of several CEDIA's you tire of canned press conferences and demo's where executives read from a script and are lucky to have anyone near that can answer a technical question. Not so with JVC, JVC engineers were there, asking me not only my opinion of the product but asking how they could make it better!

JVC not only got the projector and image right, but they have the right attitude toward their customers. JVC is not an arrogant company, top to bottom they have an interest in making the right product that will make customers happy.

I'm a convert. HD-ILA at 1080p gives you a smooth three dimentional image with great black level, and perhaps most important, peace of mind that the company cares and values people, that we just aren't a number in an accountant's report.


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