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Sep 8, 2003
Any one found a good place to get flights and rooms out there ? I have never been there for the CES but think i might shut down and go.
Depends our where you coming from.

America West uses Vegas as a hub, so they tend to be a good choice.

Rooms - what are you look for. I go to vegas alot and have a few favorites - but it really depends on what you like.

I tend to stay close to where I like to eat now, but have stayed around a bit.

You want cheap, mid-range, fancy. Location near specific types of things - plan on seeing any specific shows - want to shop or gamble. Will you rent car (most don't). Don't mind the bus or expensive taxis.

A little more info and I will try to give you some choices.

I'm actually driving up from Phoenix cause I like the drive.

Now you are truly going to CES and not AVN ;)
I always stay at Circus-Circus Manor. It has excellent prices (avg under $70 a night) and is on the bus route. Besides the Manor location is an extremely short walk to the bus from your room. Less than couple hundred feet. I rent a car as I like to travel the country/desert and sight see.
Well was able to get a flight, car and room at statosphere 3 nights for one for $550 out of amarillo..guess not to bad ..there are filling up fast. Never been to the CES before use to go to the SCBA when it was there..any recommendations to what to check out first..Bruno
I really want to go so I can see the new Dish 1491 HD / DVR / Toaster Oven. I hear its even going to win the best in show award!

I bet they will say it will be available in the fall but they won't say what year. :D

Ive always wanted to go to Vegas.
The longer you wait the more expensive your flight will be, Scott.

Current LGA to LAS round trip is about $222

At least get your CES badge / ticket for free entry even if you don't go. If you wait til its too late it can cost you.

Dish vs. TWC

Hartford Locals at 119.

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