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Aug 1, 2016
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I need help with my Dish Hopper & Joey. So I have 2 Hoppers (one is in my living room and the other is in the master bedroom) and a Joey (in my guest room). In the past, the guest room and living used to share a place to store the rooms' recordings while my room had its own space. But it's switch now. The master bedroom's recording now share storing space with the guest room, but I don't want that. How to I switch it back (so that the living room and the guest room can share recording space so that the master bedroom can have its own recording space).

I don't want to call Dish cause I know that their going to charge me for it


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Oct 19, 2004
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From the Hopper you want to link to the Joey -

Menu, Settings, Network Setup, Whole Home.

Here you can see all devices and link Joeys to the hopper you are using.

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