AZBOX Changing the radio icon to a black screen on the Azbox


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Jul 14, 2010
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Ever want to change that radio icon on your Azbox to just a plain black screen?

I have done it here on the Premium Plus and Ultra receivers.

The black screen shot picture is located here:

and the actual instructions are :

The directory the radio icon is located in on The AZ box using the normal firmware

is located here in the azbox...

the file is called: radio_bg.png

First open Maz and click on Telnet

then find the tools Script drop down box and

click on...
enable Write in MMP
Then go to FTP and click on

then "hd"
then open up "Program"
then... "Image"
then open up... TV-TD210
then open up... main

The file you want to replace is named

To replace it with a black screen
download it to your computer and using Paint select the picture and delete it.
Then invert the color so it goes from white or clear to black and save it.

Or just use the picture from the website in the link above.

Now since you have already
went in Maz and did the Telnet enable write in MMP
your ready to send the new file back to the AZbox.

once you transfer the picture exit out and your done

Your Radio icon is now a black screen on the AZbox.




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Aug 7, 2007
Nice to know some people prefer a black screen for radio mode. We will try to add this as a settings option in future firmware versions.


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Apr 26, 2006
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Have you tried to save other images (as opposed to the original or just a black sreen) to this file? Do you know what the video size/resolution limits are?
I think it would be a novel option if you could save a theme-based picture or photo here, but I am not sure if this files dimensions would allow it.



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Jul 14, 2010
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No Radar, I just wanted to get rid of that screen from the display when on a radio channel and used a black screen.
I do believe there is a file size limit, Tried to send a pain black image to it first but it would not take it so then took the original file and worked on it to turn it into a plain black screen and resent it back to the receiver.
Since my desired results were achieved, I stopped.