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From CES...

Channel Master and Ethertronics Announce the First Processor-Enabled Consumer TV Antenna

SMARTenna+ with Active Steering™ Technology is the World’s Most Advanced Indoor TV Antenna

January 8, 2018

Las Vegas, CES 2018 – Channel Master, a leading retail-based TV provider, and Ethertronics, a leader in high-performance smart antenna solutions for wireless communications, today announced the upcoming availability of the new SMARTenna+, a maximum-range indoor TV antenna that utilizes an internal processor to analyze and select optimum signal reception patterns as an automated feature.

SMARTenna+ houses seven different antenna reception patterns, performing as seven TV antennas in a single device and is effectively the equivalent of having the antenna in seven different locations in the room at the same time. Where all other indoor TV antennas need to be physically repositioned to find and acquire optimum signal reception, SMARTenna+ can remain stationary while simply adjusting its internal reception pattern, either automatically during initial setup or at any time thereafter by pushing a button on the processor housing.

“Ethertronics is a world leader in active wireless antenna systems for consumer devices including smartphones, laptops and tablets,” said Joe Bingochea, executive vice president of product development at Channel Master. “We worked with Ethertronics to bring that same patented smart wireless technology, known as Active Steering, to over-the-air television reception applications and house it within a modern television antenna.”

SMARTenna+ includes seven different internal reception patterns, a smart Ethertronics processor, built-in signal amplification, automatic noise filtering, the maximum reception range possible, and the added convenience of new patented push-on cable connectors. The antenna effectively overcomes 90% of common indoor reception issues experienced with all other indoor antennas on the market today, delivering more channels and better reception.

“The continued growth of cord cutting has created a market boom for TV antennas, but getting good indoor reception can be a frustrating experience,” said Vahid Manian, chief operating officer at Ethertronics. “By incorporating Active Steering, Channel Master has delivered a breakthrough product in SMARTenna+ that brings a level of performance and convenience to indoor TV reception that has never existed before.”

SMARTenna+ will retail for $89 and will first be available through Channel Master’s online store. Pre-orders are available now with inventory expected before the end of March.



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Sounds promising, if a bit on the expensive side. After reading the description, I was quite surprised to scroll down and see it was still a "flat" antenna design, too.
Expensive UHF only mud flap antenna... It's not big enough for VHF wavelengths.

Nothing beats an old-school outside antenna...
I think you are probably right, but more and more fools are going to be separated from their money by these dream antennas. Channel Master leads to some creditability to the product but it will have to get to the market place and retail stores before it will become a real TV antenna.
As a tech geek i'd like one just to play around w/ it but I agree w/ Primestar. Living room window faces East and the signals from either North (montreal) or south (NY and VT).

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