Channels that are included in Locals Only core package - Updated June 2022

Let's see how many Vix TV channels get added this week.
This is something of a minor miracle. Unless there is an uplink later this evening (and late Wednesday uplinks, while rare, are certainly a possibility) this is the first week since some time in April that Dish has not added any new Vix TV channels. The total remains at 55 channels. In the Vix TV Roku app, there are well over 100 channels. I do not know if Dish intends to add all of them, but they are sure taking their sweet time gradually adding them a few at a time.
Has anyone tried to get the "Locals Only" pack lately (October, 2022)? A friend of mine gave it a shot, but wasn't at all persistent, and of course got a "no." I think it may be coming down to Internet streaming with a combo of philo and Paramount+ (with a CBS local) for $35.00 a month, unless you have T-Mobile ($10 off philo per month) or got grandfathered in on Paramount+ from CBS All Access.
I would always go through my guide when I had DISH and block all of the shopping channels and extra information channels that DISH had and a lot of the Spanish Speaking channels since I don't speak Spanish. I also blocked all the pay per view channels since I didn't want to pay extra when the bill came around. It made for a cleaner guide and less scrolling to get by the clutter.
Same and I set up a block on ppv