Charges for 322

John Smith

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Sep 8, 2003
Am I right in thinking that you could now have effectively have 12 receivers on one account if they were all 322's.

I assume they each 322 will count as one receiver as far as the account is concerned and will be charged one receiver fee for the box.
There will be no charge for the second tuner on the 322 / 522, so yes in reality with a 322 or 522 you could have up to 12 unique receivers in your house. :) (Plus since the modulators output 10db you can split the output signal for the second TV which you barely watch) :D
The only problem is 322 and 522 will be available on DHP only when introduced in Nov.
I am being told that it will be available to non DHP customers as well.

From what was said to me was they would like them to be used for DHP but once you (the retailer) buys them you (the retailer) can sell them to whoever you want. :)
Scott replay the dealer chat and listen to Charlie last I knew he was still the boss and on my recording of the chat he said DHP only for Nov.1.
I heard earlier even before the retailer chat came on that it was going to be for DHP only at first. I have also heard on this board that the 111 was going to be for DHP only but at a retail of $99 so what would be the advantage of the 111 to a 311? I thought the 111 was supposed to be a budget lower priced receiver.
I bet the $99 fee is there so they can charge you that fee if you dont return the unit.
I wonder what they plan on doing, giving people cheaper receivers under the DHP plan compared to what they used to offer? It would be better to get one or two 322's or 522's on the DHP plan than those elcheapo 111's.

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