Charlie cares about the Kids


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Dec 2, 2003
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You have to admire a CEO that cares about kids and ther impact on the family dollar. Today on Nick, Dish played a tape of Charlie apologizing to the younger viewers for the interuption. He thanked them for there patronage.
Not many other CEOs of major companies care about the youngest of customers.
Yeah saw that too. I still can't believe that Viacom got more out of the deal after all the bad pr crap that they pulled, what a bunch of ...

They definitely need to do some promo's for dish cause that is total bull...

They're also airing an adult message on the viacom channels as well

waste a ppv on the terrible cat in the hat movie LoL
Charlie is not only apologizing but also giving themselves a better image by doing this. Charlie does do a bit more to be known by the public and tries to do more than what other CEO's of other companies try to do, and I do admire him for that.

I remember seeing a post where someone told their kid that Charlie took away his nicktoons and the kid got mad, lol, I thought that was funny. Those kids one day may also want to purchase Dish so that is Dish's future that he should not want to upset.

811 DVI and RCA connections

Anyone else seen this from an 811?

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