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Jul 8, 2004
Virginia Beach
Well I forgot to set my dvr to record the chat so all Ive heard on what I thought was a summary of the chat was alot of unhappy bickering. Ive only caught bits and pieces of the chats in the past and I have been surprised at how charlie does seem to miss the most basic of questions. But you know I have been thinking as Ive read through the posts on here and I came to realize that for the ceo to have to do his daily job of keeping the company running wich employee's 20,000 + people that I could very well forgive him for not knowing wich one of the 300 or so local markets has come online.

Frankly Im fine with him actually being human on his chat show rather than sit there like bad disney robot with no personality. He may not be your idea of what a ceo should be on tv but the man signs my pay checks and puts a nice chunk of change in my 401k each year. I'd suspect that if any of us went back through the forums and read some of our old posts we would have to wonder what the hell we were thinking when we said the things we say.
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Jul 19, 2005
Mentor, Ohio
It's not like charlie personally oversee's 20k people, that's what he hired other people to do...

If he's going to go on tv, and be read questions, he should know the answers. They are PRINTED OUT so they know what questions are coming, they could prep him if he doesn't know, or at least have someone ready to talk when the sentence is finished. It's like they act surprised by questions that are pre-printed which is absurdly poor planning.

Just takes 1 good director to whip that show into shape, just have to find one...
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