Class Action?

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Jun 13, 2006
Should people who never get what they purchased be file a class action law suite against TimeTrax and its management? A lawsuit against Timetrax from a group of very dissatisfied customers seems likely. Anyone want to discuss this? Its been weeks, and while Derek has said many times its being addressed and someone from Sales will take care of getting me a code, and that now its escalated, how much trouble can this really be.

I have the impression that if they issue me a code there may be thousands of other TImetrax users that would like to see some compensation for their troubles with the company. Its unfortunate that some companies just don't pay attention until lawyers and legal actions get involved.

I have this Enron feeling about Timetrax. A sad state of affairs when a simple code for money I already paid, invoices I presented and emails copied to Timetrax, all paid for and plainly in front of them and they choose to ignore it. I wonder how many thousands of others have been simply ignored into losing their money, and time.

Its pretty sad.

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