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Feb 13, 2005
Does anyone know what channels brighthouse sends in the clear which a QAM tuner could pick up?
they have some interesting channels, 8,10,13. 8,10,28 have weather channels. i dont know if they still do but they did have cnn, its either 73 or 83 in that area they use to have different channels in there they would change around and for awhile they have had a pay per view there, but you would never know what would pop up there. they also hAD THE nasa channel, they also had one music channel i think it was opera but its been a while since i looked at the channels


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Sep 13, 2006
They had the big networks, but not ion. The other day most of them disappearred in new port richey. All that I get right now is 8, 3, 16 and 38 I think. I use an antenna, so I don't really use the qam. We get free cable in the apartment, so I have the QAM in the samsung hd box to play with. They also have cnn and opera like the other poster said. You will find 200 and some qam channels, but most are just nothing.
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