Coax too long for motor????

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Feb 2, 2008
Fairfax, SC
The wire run to my BUD is 200 feet. I have a second coax I want to run to a ku dish and motor. It is 200 feet, also. My ku dish is a heavy Primestar 36 inch dish. I bought a DG380 from Sadoun because my dish weighs 27 lbs. with the lnb. The motor is rated to move a 31 lb. load.

I expect voltage drop between the receiver and the motor. But my question is this. Will the voltage drop too much over the two hundred feet to power my h-h motor? The manual which came with the motor suggests coax length below 70 feet. I'll be running it three times that distance.

Right now I'm using the coax to power an fta receiver and superdish and am getting 100% quality from 110W and 119W on the free channels from those satellites. The only connections will be at the receiver and at the end where the motor attaches. I'm using new RG-6 cable.

Really I'm wondering whether anybody out there is running such a long lead to their h-h motor with good results. I expect the speed of the motor will be affected -- probably a lot. But is this arrangement working for anybody out there?


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Apr 26, 2006
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Try using RG-11 cable instead of RG-6. You won't have any problems at that length. I have approximately 300 feet run and no problems with RG-11.

RG-11 is also much easier to fit the cable ends (with the correct tools).

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