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Jul 15, 2011
So, I've had internet/limited basic tv bundle for over a year now, solely for the better internet price. Never used the TV service. The DCT700 sat shrink wrapped in a closet all this time. I think it's a bad box, but here are my symptoms:

When I first hooked it up (I'm no dummy when it comes to SD A/V connections) I was getting nothing, no sound, black screen. Called Comcast to see if there was any kind of activation that had to be done on the box. They did the usual dummy routine checking tv input, all cables were plugged in properly, unplug for 10 seconds, etc.

Then he had me remove and reconnect the coax RF input, while it was still on, and all of a sudden I got audio, but still no picture. I verified that the cables are good by swapping the white audio and yellow video cables, still no picture but full stereo sound. When I change channels on the remote (up or down), the audio disappears again and I'm left with nothing again, until I unplug the power to the box, turn it back on, and then disconnect and reconnect the coax input, the audio returns.

Strangest thing I have ever seen. Any ideas?
I also verified the same behavior (audio, no picture) using the RF out to my TV tuned to ch3.

It's got to be the box.
I think Comcast boxes do require a “Hit” when first connected. I just replace a box at work and support line had to send the “Hit” three times while on the phone with them before my box worked.

The phone number on the paperwork for activation is 888-493-2202.

If you are not in a hurry maybe let it connected overnight and see what tomorrow brings.
I've had 3 hits done already, one from each of 2 different reps, and one I initiated through the automated phone system. I'll give it another day before I take it in for replacement.
Patience, grasshopper. After the box being off for a couple hours, I noticed a red light (messages) on the front, and when I turned it on, it was fully operational. Let's hope it stays that way.

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