Comcast Digital Voice ?

I've had it for about 5 months, and I love it. The voice quality is the same as my old landline with qwest. The free longdistance wasn't a selling point for me, as I rarely need to call out of state.

Do you currently have internet or TV through Comcast? The Digital voice service is pretty expensive just by itself (unless you value free longdistance), but when have tv, or tv + internet it is a lot more reasonable in price. I was able to get it for $33 for a year thanks to a few promos they had going on in June.
I would just look for a good VoIP service that serves your area with a local e911 service. I use ViaTalk here in Chattanooga TN area, works great and only cost me $22.95/mo with Free long distance anywhere in the US or Canada, all the bells and whistles, cheap International rates too. Comcast does not yet offer their Digital Phone service here but I am so happy with ViaTalk and cheaper too, I will stick with them once Comcast offers their phone service here.

Once I build my new home in a year or two I may drop my Comcast service down to just Internet and Limeted Basic TV, go back to E* for the bulk of my TV and keep ViaTalk for phone.
I've been using Comcast Digital Voice for the last 7 or so months and I like the service quite a bit. I have a few issues every so often but they are very very small issues like an echo for the first 5 seconds of a call. I'm also in a triple play package but I will still pay the normal 40 bucks a month price. I've tried Vonage in the past and it was always so hit or miss and for some reason I would get the "we cannot process your call" message way too often when making a long distance call. It may not be that exact message but you get the idea. Also the Comcast service hasn't been down once thus far and I've had both my internet and TV service down once but the voice service was still working. Maybe I'm lucky with Comcast here but either way it doesn't change my experience with Vonage and Comcast.

Also not all Comcast Digital Voice areas have this rolled out (most do have it just keep that in mind to ask) but they now offer unlimited calling to Canada now which is a huge huge bonus for me. Also Comcast has a website that allows me to view both incoming and outgoing calling information such as when and the number. Also any voicemail messages can be streamed online which I like because I'll never remember the buttons to press doing it with the phone so its so much quicker listening to my messages online. Honestly from my point of view even based on the normal price I still think you get what you pay for at least in my case.
i have had it for six weeks with no problems. i have 2 phone numbers. i also have my home alarm connected.

i had optimum voice before i moved to comcast territory and the quality is the same.
About a month ago, we moved from Vonage to Comcast Digital Voice. The voice quality is very good. Unlike Vonage, I have not experienced any problems dialing to or from my own line. And e911 works.

So far so good.

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