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Nov 29, 2007
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How do I find my commitment date in
Or do I have to call to get it.
Having been with Dish since the turn of the century and my memory for dates being what it was, I don't know if I am in or out of contract.
I still remember a few months ago holding my little baby boy in my arms. Then my memory of a couple months ago holding his little boy in my arms. Last time I looked up at his little boy I am not quite sure I could still hold him in my arms like that.
And no I don't remember being committed, was I?
The longest contract is 2 years. I'm sure you've upgraded in the last 20 years. Upgrades, that you got for free, usually start a new 2 year contract. You can make some judgements based on that.
The last time I was in a contract, mydish had a section that actually shows the contract, the start date of the contract, the amount of any monthly discounts, etc. I think the section was called "My Renewal Offer" (it may be called "My Preferred Customer Offer" now). If you do not see that section, then you are probably not in any contract.
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Leaving for the first time ???


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