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Jun 21, 2011
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I have always have this doubt.

This is my bill if I upgrade my programming.

Latino Dos44.99
Movie Pass10.00
DVR Service10.00
HD Dos Free ($10/Mo)0.00

Cr: Agent $10x12 Mo-10.00

Latino Dos Nov 4 - Dec 750.78
Latino Basico Nov 4 - Dec 7-22.56
HD Dos Free ($10/Mo) Nov 4 - Dec 70.0o

I have always thought that they charge me twice... So they are charging the monthly charges that will be 54.99 for the next month (Nov 7 to Dec 7), but then they are charging that again aswell there where other charges and credits is listed... or I am wrong? Because I see that added to the monthly charges for next month they are giving the credit for the full month of Latino Basico, but again charging the full month of Latino Dos... and they charged that in the monthly charges.
It is very important that you notate the dates that the charges and credits are for. Since we bill one month ahead, when you make changes on your account we do not bill/credit the changes at the time they are made so they all appear on your next statement. You will have a prorated credit for old package from the date of change through the end of your previous billing statement and a prorated charge for the new programming package from the date of change through the end of your previous statement as well. The you are also being billed the full months programming charges for the upcoming month. Check your dates and if you have any questions, please PM me and I can review it for you. Thanks.

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