Congrats To The Marlins!

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Sep 6, 2003
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Who said that you can't win A WS with a low payroll; :thumbsup:

Poor attendence;

A Team built predominetely with homegrown -Prospects and defeat the 180 mill Yankees?

The Florida Marlins just proved that with shrewd drafts/Trades-the aquisition of young prospects (Mike Lowell), and when the timing is right signing a Player (Pudge) to compliment their young nucleus you can beat the big spenders.

Penny, Beckett, and Pavano were all awesome during the whole playoffs. Good series by all of the Marlin pitchers.

If I were Dolan and Shapiro from the Indians standpoint I would feel vindicated for implementing the same plan the Marlins just won a WS with.
Congrads to the Marlins...

They were the best team as it showed down the stretch. It comes to show that $$$$ does not necessarily buy the championships. Teams like the Pirates & the Reds should learn that having a sale before the 7/31 is not going to get you anywhere. Also, I want to say that when they Yankees win everybody bring the payroll to the front of the conversation but when the Yankees lose eveything about payroll is forgotten.

Here is something for frustrated Yankees fan...

(1) Aaron Boone was overated by playing in Cincinnati. He is not that good. He became a defensive and offensive liability. He'll be gone. I'll be shocked if the Yankees offer him a contract.

(2) David Wells is another health liability. He should not get a contract either.

(3) Bernie is a defensive liability in center field. He should be moved.

(4) Soriano should be moved as well. He is not that great at second base and if he does not improve in his pitch selection he should be traded if the deal is right.

(5) Giambi/Johnson combination at first did not work. One of them should be traded. I rather stay with Johnson if I could trade Giambi (another overated guy). I do not know if there is anyone in the right mind that will take his contract. Maybe Texas they like these type of contracts :)

(6) The situation in left field needs to be resolved.

(7) Jeff Weaver is another Kenny Roger. A lot of talent (and better talent that Kenny Rogers) but he cannot pitch in New York. Trade him.
Congradulations to the Marlins. I am glad that someone else won the world series as many times as the Yankees has been there lately.
For all of you "outsiders" trashing the Yankees for dopey reasons....... :headbang: :aargh: :hammer:

For all you Marlins fans, Congratulations! You have reason to stand proud. They played with passion, overcame the odds being a wildcard team and deserved their win. Bravo!
After reading how a team that has a lot less money than what the Yankees did and the point that was proven that a team does not have to have a lot of money can still win a World Series. Bravo!
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