Connect TV2 with diplexer?


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Dec 30, 2010
Sorry if this is a stupid question.

I have a 222 that is connected to the LNB via a DPP44 switch. Where the switch is located is where all of the wiring in my house terminates from each room. Instead of running a separate coax from the receiver to a second TV (not a pleasant option to re-wire through walls or leave a cable on the floor through hallways!), is it possible to send the TV2 signal back through the incoming coax (the coax that brings the signal from the switch to the receiver) through diplexers to where the switch is to connect directly to the cable that runs to the second room?

If this is possible, can you explain how it's done and if there is any specific type of diplexer to purchase? Thanks for any insights here!
I just commented on this in another thread. Here, look at this:

Thanks dare2B! That's a huge help. Just so I'm on the same page - two of the feeds from the triplexer go to Sat1 and Sat 2 on the receiver (with the power inserter between one of the feeds.) I don't need the separator that came with the receiver, correct? And the TV2 out goes from the receiver to the 3rd feed on the triplexer. Looks simple enough!
Yes, that is correct. I'm not well-versed on the dish-end of things (LNBF, DP44, etc), but if you have the triplexor inside and the diplexor outside as shown in the diagram, you should be good to go. As to where you can get these items, that will have to be answered by someone else, as mine were provided by the installer.
If the power inserter is located at your receiver make sure you get a diplexer that is rated for 24V or the power inserter will burn it out.
Holland are the diplexers we as installers use. Google it. Be sure to get a good quality diplexer or you'll have issues.

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