Connecting the 2nd TV on the 722K


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Oct 10, 2011
We are ready to connect our 2nd TV on the 722K reciever. The manual only explains how to do this with an existing in home system. We would need to use a coax cable to connect them. Anyone tell me the procedure or where to find a thread that already talks about this. What other pieces of equiptment do we need on top of what came standard in the box. I see people mentioning diplexers, etc. Just want to know what connects to what. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
You don't have to worry about anything other than getting a RG6 coax cable from the TV2 output (labled Home Distribution) of the receiver to the second TV, putting the receiver into Dual Mode (button behind door) and choosing a channel to view TV2's output on that 2nd TV----Modulator Output. Menu-6-1-5. Diplexors are for combining OTA antennas and satellite signals.

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Oh yeah, you'll want to set up the TV2 remote that came with your receiver to control the 2nd TV and the TV2s tuner. It's in your manual.
I have one coax running from the exterior of my house to my 722 receiver in an interior room through the walls/attic. From there is a triplexor that splits that line to the 2 sat feeds and the TV2 distribution coax, which is using the antenna connector of the triplexer. Another diplexor outside the house splits the feed to the coax to TV2 in my bedroom. So while you don't NEED a diplexor/triplexor, having them can make the TV2 connection easier without having to run a second coax in the attic/through multiple walls.
So I think I am still confused. I am not sure where to put the coax cable that comes from the 2nd TV on the reciever. There are 3 ports coming from the triplexer (I think) 2 go to the satalite 1 and 2 on the back of the reciever, the 3rd says on it antenna or chan 21-69. That I had connected to the "home distribution" port on the back of the reciever. Do I take the coax cable from tv 2 and hook it to the "home distribution" port on the receiver, than there will be a port that is blank on the "triplexer". I tried that and do not get anything other than snow on the channel 61 I have the tv's set to. Also TV 1 does not let me go to channel 70 or higher for some reason.
Do I take the coax cable from tv 2 and hook it to the "home distribution" port on the receiver, than there will be a port that is blank on the "triplexer".


Also, you will need to make sure the tuner on tv2 is set to "air" or "antenna", and the tv tuned to channel 60, as that is the default setting on the receiver for the tv2 output. The easiest way to do that is with the original remote for the tv, using the on-screen menu, going to "set-up" and "autoprogram".

Hopefully the tech that did the install already addressed the tv2 remote for you, even though you weren't using it at the time. If not, there are a few additional steps you will have to go through.
Thank you so much. I got it to work. I was expecting to actually see the reciver on channel 73. And once I figured out how to make the channels go into the 70's, it all came to work. So thank you very much, now I don't have to watch dora all day.

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