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May 28, 2004
im hoping someone can help me out. i just got a dish network 500 and i can only seem to connect to one satellite. i was told i need both 119 west and 110 west but its only connecting to 119 even after many adjustments to the dish itself. anything you guys think i should try? unfortunately my dish didnt come with a manuel.
Just from the blue, what's a Check Switch show you - all of it - port #s, odd/even, the whole thing. The first thing I thought of was that you dish is mis-aligned and the 110 LNBF is pointing at 119, leaving the 119 pointing at nothing.
sorry im new to all of this. i have a twin dish pro lnb and 301 reciever. how do i go about finding out what kind of switch i have? also, i took apart the lnb and i see that only the 119 is connected to the cable. 110 side isnt connected to anything. could this be my problem?
Spr1nt, with DP twin lnb & only one receiver you shouldn't need any type of switch,& the one cable connected to the 119 port is all you need.

Is the mast or pole the dish is mounted to level? If not it can cause you headaches trying to find both signals.

Be sure to double check the skew & elevation settings on the dish. Entering your zip code on the point dish/signal screen in the menu of the receiver should tell you the correct settings for your area.

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