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May 6, 2009
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I have 4 HR24's. I have whole home DVR service.

None of them are connected to phone lines or ethernet. I've just installed high speed Internet and I'm contemplating hooking them up. I have an ethernet port by each one so my plan is to just plug an ethernet cable into the back of them and then do a DHCP setup via the remote for each.

Is there any downside to putting these boxes on the net? For example, "big brother" can now see what shows I watch. Any extra costs (assuming no pay per view use). I am an HBO subscriber and I believe that HBO GO is free, correct?

Any gotcha's I should look out for (like if I disconnect them from the internet after being on it will bad things happen)?

Advice, comments, suggestions appreciated.

In reviewing the HR24 guide I just noticed a dire warning on not plugging ethernet into each bix if I have Whole Home. Does this mean I have to go the DECA route?
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Jun 18, 2011
Yes, you need a broad band deca. Known as a CCK or cinema connection kit. You can also go wireless with a CCK-W. by plugging in the cat5/6 you disable the internal decas and they'll no longer see other HDDVRS on the Directv network
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