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Jan 9, 2006
I plan on moving my 921 into another room where I have been using a 508 receiver therefore going from 1 tuner to 2. What will I need to connect my 1 line coming in from the dish in that room? I noticed that the installer had used a splitter to connect the one line coming in to the 921. Is this how the other connection will need to be made? Where do I get the splitter and how much are they? Can I assume that both dishes are already connected to a seperate splitter on the roof (where the dishes are)? If possible I would like to avoid any additional installation charges when they come to install the 622 (when I decide to get one).

Any direction will be appreciated.



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Feb 26, 2006
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DPP separator

The device you're referring to is a DPP-compatible "separator". I attached its information sheet. It will move with the 921 to allow the 1 cable from the switch presently connected to your 508 to provide sat. signals to both tuners in the 921. The 622 also comes with one and you will use that one the same way. If you need another for some reason, check DishStore, but the two you will have should do it.

If your cables come directly from the dish(es) to your two receivers, you have a DPP-compatible LNBF with the switch built into it, probably a DPP Twin. Otherwise you probably have a DPP switch in the system like the DPP44. There is no second "splitter" in the system. The switch "stacks" signals for two tuners onto one cable by frequency shifting one of the frequency bands so it won't interfere with the other. The separator shifts that band back again before it goes to the tuner, thus the receiver acts like it has two separate cables running to it.

There's really nothing to the connection of the 622 if you already have the equipment I described (i.e., no additional equipment or wiring required) so I'd just let the installer do it to make sure everything is working OK. If you're planning to add the 622 as a third receiver then you will need a DPP44 installed if you don't already have one in your system.


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