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Mar 9, 2004
I don't know if any of you have heard of "The Troubleshooter". It is a nationally syndicated radio talk show of a consumer advocate, Tom Martino. He works with people who feel that they have been "shafted" by companies to try to come to an equitable agreement, and if not, he will gladly expose things that companies are doing to their customers.

On their website ( there is a "Contact us" button and you can submit a complaint to them. I already posted one. I just figured if we could get a whole bunch of people to post a message, that he might be able to bring the pressure of his radio show to bear on Dish. At the very least, maybe Dish will do something to stave off even more negative publicity.

Now, if I can just face my wife and kids tonight. I switched to dish to stick it to comcast. Now every day my wife reminds me, "I don't think Comcast is suffering, however, we sure are."


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