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Aug 9, 2004
I will be giving away one(1) Amiko MINI HD RE. All you have to do is respond to this thread and.....

1. Post a picture of your current FTA indoor setup. This would be like a picture of your receiver or receivers next to your dish mover, etc. In other words your current FTA toys. :)
If you do not have one that is fine, however you must do step 2.

2. You need to write a little paragraph explaining how you will be using this receiver if you won.

EDIT: This only need be a sentence or two. ;) More is fine.

Please ONLY one entry per 24 hour period. Multiple entries in a 24 hour period will be removed.

This contest will start today and close on 08/20/2017 at Midnight EST. Every one is eligible to enter as long as you are a registered member. The only exception is myself(Michael Graves -- KE4EST ) and my family. A winner will be andomly drawn on Monday, August 21, 2017. I will PM the winner and ship you a brand new MINI HD RE. I will also cover shipping if you are in the US or Canada. If you live somewhere else in the world you will need to pay shipping. If the winner does not respond to my PM in 7 Days, a new winner will be selected.

For full specs on this receiver please CLICK HERE
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I currently use a Amiko MiniHd SE and a Asc-1.(A terrific combination) Also a sg 2100 moving a geosat 90 for Ku. I would put a new Amiko to use on my tv in the living room that currently only has OTA
IMG_0001 (1).JPG
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The family room setup... AzBox, A3, and TBS 5980 tucked under the TV on the right side next to the laptop. Would like to replace the A3 and move it to a retirement location. Also the AzBox Ultra (lower left) has seen many hours of use and one of these days it will likely decide to end it's functionality. It's still my main receiver for FTA watching, and has been 1st class all along.

Just switched out an old entertainment unit for this double-table unit, looks a bit more contemporary/modern I suppose. I do like to have a new toy to play with every year or two as far as receivers go. I am actually enjoying the PCIe receiver, my latest addition, in the ham-shack/office where I have the desktop system set up, suppose I can add a picture of it later if I decide to enter again... but I do want some newer members to have a good chance of winning too!

Thank you Michael for the contest!

I'm sure everyone is jealous over my 2-bay casette tape player! :) :)
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Okay guys, perhaps I have scared people off with the picture.
If you don't have a picture to post or don't want to, that is fine. Just come in with a sentence or two telling how you would use the new receiver.

Also if you don't want to enter the contest, or don't want to wait, I have the receiver on sale for $98 currently. Either at my website or on eBay.
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The picture deal did stop me from entering, actually. I have my MicroHD and all my other FTA stuff, routers and other stuff, setup on shelves in a closet. I use a RF remote extender for the MicroHD.

Problem is, the closet is off a hallway into a back room we're not using right now and I piled a bunch of stuff in the hallway. It's not neat and pretty in that closet either, probably a hundred wires running in there! :eek:

If I win, I'll use the receiver for my parents setup, or use it myself and give them my MicroHD.

Thanks for the contest, Michael!
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Thanks for having this contest Michael.

My receivers are located in different rooms and the VBox & GBox controllers are not on the same shelves as the receivers so taking a picture wouldn't be too easy. That's the main reason I hadn't entered the contest.

If I were to win the contest I'd replace my Amiko NanoHD with the Mini HD RE so I could take advantage of the receiver's streaming capability. I'd probably give the Nano to my son to use.
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Hi I would replace my openbox s10 with the Amiko Mini Hd Re. vbox is downstairs and the rest of setup is upstairs so pic would also be difficult for me. Thanks for contest though
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I wasn't going to enter, but the Micro HD in the picture succumbed to a lightning strike last night. Now I have to use the ASC1 as a stand alone. The picture is just my control room. FTA in 4 rooms including the living room stetup with a 55 inch UHDTV and a TBS 6903 tuner. That Amiko mini sure would be nice to hook up to the ASC1!
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First I'd like to thank KE4EST for sponsoring this contest! Looks like a nice receiver.

I'm not in need of another receiver at this time so I rather it go to someone who needs it and can hopefully write up a review. I've been limping along with a failing VBox on one Bud ... and no Positioner or working actuator on Mama's Bud. I have not even started restoring the 12 foot dish yet. Always something else to

Good luck to all in the contest!
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I would like to throw my hat into the ring on this one. I would like to win the mini hd i want to upgrade my nano in the living room I want to compare it to the nano or mini hd older model. In this pic is for my survelliance system but my nano is in front of my tv.20170414_193154.jpg
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Well, I would like to win the Amiko Mini-HD RE !

I already have one and it's a great receiver. I also have an old Fortec Star Mercury II (DVB-S and MPEG2), an old REX receiver (also DVB-S and MPEG2, and no blind scan), and an even older Drake analog receiver that I am planning on using to drive my 10' BUD once I get it installed. Then hopefully I'll get either a VBOX or even better, and ASC-1.

But for now, a second Amiko would allow me to have one setup for watching TV (for the rest of the family), and one for scanning the skies (for me) :)

Thanks KE4EST for sponsoring this contest!
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If I win this will replace one of my MicroHD receivers that is no longer functional. Thanks Michael for the opportunity.
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I would use this receiver to replace one of my MicroHD's that I use for recording COZI on. I have lost my friend with the big dish due to cancer this year that I had given a microHD for recording MeTV. We traded many an episode back and forth and he had much enjoyment with the recordings. I have a 1m stationary dish pointed just for COZI, as well as a 36 inch dish that manually moves for other channels. I mainly record and watch latter, as I change from 3 weeks days to 2 weeks nights at work.
Thank You from me as well for Michael offering this draw to the members here. If I don't win the draw, then I will order one from him. I assume the discounted price will still be in effect for any who do not win? (if not please correct me and I will order one now... and edit this post) Thought I would just try for the draw first as the shipping, exchange, duties and taxes sure add up ordering anything from the US. (before anyone comments on this, I know it is not under Michaels control)
I have an archive of recordings going back to when Iceberg (and others here) helped me with my Digiwave 7000. At that time there were many feeds of RTN, a FOX channel and others that I would record. One of the first programs that I saw after getting my dish setup was a show of two teenage girls giving makeup tips and hunting tips. Highlights of favorites over the years were definitely the great lineup that RTN had, with most of those shows now on MeTV, Hearing a member of the Satelliteguys on Unreliable Sources (or maybe it was talked about on here) as well as the music video station The Tube. I look forward to many a more new recordings on the Amiko
And if anyone remembers, I still have my Bo bobble head sitting next to my TV.
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Thanks for the contest :)
Maybe if I get a little cleaning done I'll post a pic later. ;)
Anyway, I would replace the Freesat v7 that I'm currently using. I would use it for scanning both C and Ku band sats, as well as watching regular FTA programming.
I get the feeling that the Amiko likely doesn’t have the problems with a jittery picture and audio sync that I sometimes have with the freesat...
73 :)
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I will run the sale a few days past the drawing! ;)
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top receiver is the Amiko Mini HD RE, then the aging Fortec Star Mercury II, and the Drake ESR 2000XT. Only the Amiko is currently hooked up.
Would be nice to have a second receiver that can do DVB-S2/MPEG4, so I want to win the Amiko mini HD RE!

Thanks Michael for the generous contest!
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