Control 2 722K TV2 from one UHF remote?


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Apr 16, 2010
I just upgraded from a 525/625 setup to 2 new 722k receivers.
Since I only have 1 HD TV at the moment, I put both units in my
bedroom and hooked both to my TV via HDMI. I can then see either box
and the IR (20.0) remotes allow the AUX setting to control the 2nd receiver
so with a single remote I have access to all the tuners/recordings on either
box. This is nice be cause we often had 3 show conflicts and I rarely recorder
on the other box before since I would then have to go upstairs to watch it.

So I setup one box to output on channel 60, and the other on Channel 58
(for the TV2 output) - I then put those through a combiner and the a 3-way
splitter to the other 3 TVs in my house. so all of those TVs can also see all
tuners/shows if desired, but the UHF remote only work with one box - the AUX
feature seems only to work with IR not UHF so I would need two remotes
in each room- yuck. does anyone here know of a way to get the AUX trick to
work over UHF?

I also thought about just changing the remote address when I needed (one
box uses ch6 the other ch9) but it seems that when i switch the remote is also
updates both receivers to use that channel too, is there a way to change the remote address without affecting the receivers?

Thanks for any help!


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Supporting Founder
Sep 7, 2003
first step do NOT goto the system info screen
next press the sat button until all the buttons light up
enter the desired address (not channel)
press #
stop there you are done
just do again with other address to switch receivers


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Apr 16, 2010

I thought I had tried it and it didn't work,
but after reading your post I tried it again
and it worked perfectly! now I can see any show
from either receiver on any TV - Whooop!


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