Corrupt hard drive? Don't delete!


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Mar 16, 2004
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Earlier this evening when I turned on my 622 I got a message that my hard drive data was corrupted and that I would have to delete all data on the drive.

Whoa! Wait a minute... I've got lots of shows on there that I haven't seen yet. I wasn't going to just hit that big DELETE button. I rebooted the 622 and when it recovered it was working fine again. It even started recording the news... which it should have been recording before, but wasn't. Shows recorded earlier played back just fine, too.

Has anyone else seen this problem? It's really scary when you get that message! I hope it was just a software crash. I've had my 622 since February and except for a couple very minor problems it's been working great. I hope it's going to continue to work great.

Yep, I had this on one of 622s a couple weeks ago. There was no way I was going to hit the "ok" delete everything button, so I just simply rebooted and let the unit recover. Caution: makes sure you tell your significant other to reboot and not simply delete the contents.
I set up a 625 this morning and got that message right after it did it's original download. Just garbage software as usual from DISH.
I have had this problem twice in the last month. Each time I did a reboot and all was well afterwards.

I have not called Dish about this problem but I will if it happens again. Has anyone called Dish on this? If so, what was their advice?

happened last week.. did a front reset and mine is fine as well. But a bit of advice.. call dish and just have them note that it happened on your account so that if it becomes a reocurring issue the csr you are trying to convence to send you a new one will have evidence that its a problem. If you reboot it and it fixes it a tech support agent will not be able to tell you anything other than to try a reset or maybe a software update may resolve it in the future.
Glad to see that this is not a problem that's unique to my 622. Thanks for the responses.

I just hope this was a one-time occurance and I won't see it again. So far, my 622 has been very reliable and has had less problems than any other receiver or DVR I've owned, so I really can't complain.

Has anyone called Dish on this? If so, what was their advice?

Yes, they know about it. Their advise is if it happens just pull the plug and let it reboot - you shouldn't lose anything. They say the next software download will fix the problem.
Well my did the same thing and all i get is a blank screen now. I called dish they said they would send me a new 622 to replace the defective one. I WANT my football games off the hd. I just want to copy them onto a external HD. Anyone know a way to do that , I know the files are encrypted but i just want a backup of the games. That is if I can get the orginal HDD to work. I am taking it to a computer repair shop today. But I think my data is gone.
Ill back everything up from now on
I had it happen 3 times in two days. Reboot would just get me back to the same error message. Ended up having to delete it. Then it happened a couple more times today, starting with the system freezing up, then would go to the message. Also the hard drive was pretty loud, so I knew it was going. This is on a 650. Called dish and they are sending a new DVR. I lost about 100 hours that I haven't seen yet though. When I called the first time tonight they said I had to call while the message was up so they could troubleshoot. When I called the second time with the error message up they didn't even try any troubleshooting, just said they would send a new one.

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