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Sep 9, 2004
My present hardware + Service
Superdish (points to 110, 119, 121)
DP34 switch
522 DVR Receiver
322 Receiver
AT120+locals, additional receiver fee, DVR fee

I want to:

1. move the Superdish from roof to pole mount (roof mount had been giving us some problems including potential for roof damage)
2. upgrade to HD (Swap out 522 for a 622 change programming to silver HD package, locals, additional receiver fee, DVR fee

I called CS and was both 1 and 2 could not be done on a single service call. So I'll need to schedule+complete 1 (Superdish move) and then schedule 2 (HD upgrade). So off we go...

Tuesday, 15 August PM...
Call CS and schedule Superdish move from roof to post mount for Thursday 08:00-12:00AM

Wednesday, 16 August PM
Dispatch confirms the appointment for Thursday 08:00-12:00AM service call

Thursday 17 August AM
I take a day off work so I can be home for the service call. The technician shows up but doesn't have the required pole for the Superdish (different diameter vs standard dish) since nothing about a pole mount was in the work order. The technician tells me that CS will be in touch and leaves.

Thursday 17 August PM
Dispatch calls back. Superdish move rescheduled to Friday 12:00-04:00PM. After the reschedule, I ask to be transferred to CS to check HD upgrade costs and the 622 rebate. I speak with CS to verify these items and before I hang up I check my appointment. CS tells me I do not have a Friday 12:00-04:00PM service call, instead it's Saturday 12:00-04:00PM... scheduling mistake. I give up the doomed Superdish move at this point, cancel the appointment for Saturday PM and proceed to schedule the HD upgrade.

I go over the the the details of the upgrade (hardware+ programming) and schedule it for Saturday 12:00-04:00PM. I am charged $199 for the upgrade.

Friday 18 August PM
Dispatch calls back, HD upgrade on hold indefinitely since Superdish's are not in stock (???). I call CS. CS mentions nothing about a Superdish and instead says that I need a Dish 1000 and they presently do not have it in stock in my region. I spend ~1hr on the phone explaining that since I am in the Northeast, I do NOT need the Dish 1000 (in fact can't use it since I won't be able to see the 129 bird from this part of the country). I explain to a very stubborn CS rep that all I require is another standard dish pointed at 61.5. It takes ~1hr for her to realize that I am correct. But in order for her to correct this, I had to cancel the Sat 12:00-04:00PM and set up a new work order for Sunday 08:00-12:00AM. We go over the exact items we need for the upgrade: an additional standard dish pointed at 61.5, a DP44 switch tech support gets involved... it's a painful 2hr call. In the end they agree with me and I make they make note on the work order: a standard dish to be pointed at 61.5, DP44 switch (for the 3 cables from my Superdish + 4th one from the 61.5 dish), pole+pole mount and a 622 receiver. I ask to be transferred to tech support prior to ending the call to verify/validate this. Tech support and I go over the work order item/item and they validate that this are exactly the items I need.

Saturday 19 August PM
Dispatch calls back... confirming a SUPERDISH INSTALL!!! I tell them I am upgrading to HD and need a single dish pointed at 61.5... They go back to check and call back... upgrade is on hold. Work order did not include a new dish to be pointed at 61.5.. also something about Dish mailing me the 622 receiver and not the tech binging one(???). A 2 hr conversation ensues with dispatch conferencing in CS, CS supervisors and Technical support to get the work order straightened out. Again we go over every item... a standard dish to be pointed at 61.5, DP44 switch (for the 3 cables from my Superdish + 4th one from the 61.5 dish), pole+pole mount and a 622 receiver. When the call ended, the upgrade was still scheduled for 08:00AM-12:00PM but I had ZERO confidence that come Sunday AM... my install will actually happen.

Sunday 20 August AM
I was right... The technician is a no show with no phone call to cancel. A little after 12:00PM I Call CS, CS verifies that I do indeed have the service call scheduled and puts me on hold while they track down the technician. Told me the technician is delayed but would get to me and expect a call. Shortly thereafter the technician calls and tells me that the install is cancelled since they ran out of DP44 switches. I explain my difficulties with this install and ask if all possible attempts to locate the switch have been pursued. The Brooklyn office gets on the phone... apparently... there are no DP44 switches available for my region (serviced by the Middletown, NY office) and no possible means to get one to my region prior to days end. He also mentions that the work order is WRONG and mentions a Superdish install (seems to be a recurring problem). So once again, we go over every item... a standard dish to be pointed at 61.5, DP44 switch (for the 3 cables from my Superdish + 4th one from the 61.5 dish), pole+pole mount and a 622 receiver. The Brooklyn rep commits that he will correct the work order and get back to me by Monday noon on equipment availability at which point the reschedule for this service can take place.

Monday 21 August
The Brooklyn rep gets back to me at 12:31PM (~30 minutes past the commited Noon time but at least he got back to me). They cannot get a DP44 to the Middletown, NY office by Days end. They'll be in touch when they get a DP44 to them.

Tuesday 22 August
No contact/update from Dish.

I am absolutely at wits end at this point.... I have took vacation from work on Thursday for a service call that couldn't happen because of an improper work order, have waited for a technician that didn't show this morning, spent at least 5~6hrs on the phone with CS, Tech Support and numerous others for the past week, have actually PAID for the upgrade already and at this point have no confirmed time for the HD upgrade and in fact... no indication when the equipment may be available for the upgrade.
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