D11-300 {CE:09:05} 0x110A -- 6/9 Special One Night Release (1 Viewer)

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Systems in this CE / Version

D11-300 {CE:09:05} 0x110A

Window of opportunity to download:

Monday, June 9, 2008 11:00PM - 2:30AM ET

Special Night - One Night Only

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST! CE Release Warnings & Agreement

PLEASE READ THIS SECOND! CE Release Download Instructions

If you have any issues with this CE release, please post them in this thread. We'll try to help, and DirecTV will see / be aware of your issue :)

For the latest updates, check out the CE Chat on Friday nights:

The Contents of this CE Download:
Differences based on last National Release
  • Items from CE:01
  • Items from CE:02
  • Items from CE:03
  • Items from CE:04
  • Items from CE:05

  • 01 - System signal stability improvement
  • 02 - Signal stability improvements
  • 02 - "Under-the-hood" improvements
  • 03 - Additional improvements for signal stability using Slimline-3
  • 04 - Stability
  • 05 - Stability

  • 01 - Search behavior improvements
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