De La Hoya vs Mosely

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Sep 6, 2003

I'm just purchased the fight and are excited. I think De La Hoya will win but I'd love to see it go at least 8 rounds.

When do you think we'll see HD PPV fights?
Mosley has beaten De la Hoya twice already - once as an amateur and another as a professional. It looks to me like Shane has Oscar's number. I wouldn't be surprised if Mosley wins again.

There seems to be a trend going on that if a boxer loses an amateur fight against another boxer, he'll lose again if they meet on a professional fight. An example would be Vernon Forrest and Shane Mosley. Forrest beat Mosley as an amateur, and beat him again twice as a pro. I believe there is another well-known boxer with the same dilemma, and Oscar might be another one.

Nonetheless, on recent interviews Mosley has appeared a bit overconfident. That may prove to be his downfall against De la Hoya. De la Hoya admits he made a mistake against Mosley in their last fight, and promises he won't be the same boxer that Mosley met 3 years ago.
De La Hoya was on Leno the other night commenting on how he watched the first fight between them over 60 times since and how he still can't believe how fast and amazingly good his opponent was. I think Mosley will win this one as well.
Mosley is no longer the fighter he was. I can't imagine any way he wins. La Hoya is a much smarter fighter after getting his butt kicked around a couple years ago. Well either way, I'll be the first couple rounds will be great. I can't wait.
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