DHP what is it and how do u tell if you have this plan?


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Nov 25, 2003
Hello all, sorry for another crappy question but I just got my account about 3 months ago and I got it on special with 1 510 reciver and the system with a 1 year contract, Its sounds from the way it is described on this forum that I have a DHP plan, but the contract says

" In Consideration for recieiving a discounted purchase price of $ 49.99 for one, two, or three-reciver DISH Network satellite TV system, you agree that you are a new, first time Dish Network customer"... ect ect....

It sounds to me like I own the system and all the componets. But when people are describing DHP they keep saying renting or leasing.. So can someone either explain DHP better? or tell me I dont have this DHP plan. -Thanks
Ways to find out if you have DHP.....

(1) Look on the bill and see if you are being charged an extra $4.99 (in addition to the additional outlet fees). This is a lease fee under DHP.

(2) Call Dish Network at 1-800-333-3474(DISH) to ask if you are under the DHP promotion.

(3) Did you receive any paperwork (such as a copy of the contract) that the retailer/installer should have left with you? It is required under DHP for the retailer to provide a copy of the contract to the customer.

(4) Do you remember having to initial every paragraph in a contract?

(5) Go to www.dishnetwork.com and register. You can find out information about your account there without having to call Dish Network. Make sure to have your Dish Network bill handy for the account number.
GREAT!! thanks for the help stargazer I am NOT a DHP subscriber.....

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