Did LOST get even more lost in the story?

Sean Mota

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Sep 8, 2003
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You have to wonder what these geniuses are thinking about the story. Last night season finale was supposed to answer lots of questions but unfortunately it just added more questions than answers. I was quite dissapointed by the ending and have decided that next fall I will not watch the show anymore. The ABC and Lost writers are string people but in two years (or two seasons) they haven't answered any questions about the show. To me it is not like the show is a good show but they just leave the answers out so that you have to tune to the next episode. These type of shows usually have lots of side line stories (like lost) and never goes to the point. For example, what was the point of the flashback story of the character that was in the hatch? Oh so that we know that his girlfriend is looking for him? Is the big enigma that they are lost somewhere in magnetic field bubble? They fooled for two seasons but not another one... :devil:
The wheels are coming off that show! They've opened too many doors.

Wow, you found an old thread. We have been discussing LOST all season here

But to the contrary, I'd say the show has re-discovered the strength of its first season. Its true that when Sean wrote at the end of the last season (LAST MAY) the show was floundering. AND it continued to flounder throughout the fall of 2006. BUT since it returned in January, the show came back with a bang. The past five or six episodes have been great. We have more answers, and yes, a few more mysteries, but they can't tell us everything.