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Jul 15, 2008
Los Angeles, CA
I am helping my parents with their Dish Network setup, and I have a couple of questions. They currently subscribe to AC 250 and HD Essentials. The current setup is shown is “RCSCurrent.jpg” They have a Dish 1000.2 and two VIP 211 receivers. I want to add a VHF/UHF antenna on the roof to pick up all the local channels in HD, will the setup shown in “RCS1.jpg” work? I know the antenna will work, I am just new to diplexing, and after researching the forums this is what I came up with. Now to minimize the amount of RG6 coming off the roof and avoid making another trip under the house, will either “RCS2.jpg” or “RCS3.jpg” work?

If it matters, I am Los Angeles and about 26 miles from the Mount Wilson Electronics Reservation. There is a clean line of sight with no buildings or trees in the way. AntennaWeb recommends a small to medium multi-directional antenna. Any recommendations on an unobtrusive white/cream/grey colored antenna that would work. Also what type of diplexers and splitters should I get for the above installations? Any recommendations on internet or local retailers?



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SatelliteGuys Pro
Jan 8, 2008
Bozeman, MT
RCS1 will work, but it could be more efficient.
RCS2 will not work; you can NOT diplex two satellite signals together.
RCS3 will work, but it'd be easier to move the split point for your antenna. See my attatched example.

It's generally easier just to combine your OTA and satellite signals right at the dish (if you get good OTA signal there) and separate them back out at each receiver. Is the coupler you're describing actually a ground block, and is it next to the dish?


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