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Dec 14, 2009
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Okay. If you have tuned into this, thank you for being curious.

Idea: Cheap Alternative to Single remote for entire house electronics.

Possible Components -
- 1 - Direct Tv remote with IR and RF capabilities. (Help Clarifying This Below Please)
- 2 - RF Power Outlet Switches (An outlet that switches on and off with the POWER OF RADIO FREQUENCY... I know i know old news)
- 2.1 - RF Powered Light Sockets (Yea the screw in type)
- 2.Sidenote - The Particular switches im looking at are on ebay and "have the capability to learn" (Meaning I pick what button I want my remote to make that particular switch turn on and off, exp. press 1 does my accent lights, press 2 does my bright lights. ect. I have separate lights for each thing meaning separte lights and outlets im not trying to get a switch go dimm or go crazy)

- 3 - I am a cable installer and I have brighthouse networks for my cable system in my area they use Scientific Atlantics and New Samsung Boxes I was wondering if the Direct TV remote would be able to program to these without making the world end.


- 5 - Im trying to do this cheap for all us people out there that like to pull off "cool" at a lower price.

- 6 - Which remote would be my best bet. Do they send out rf and ir at the same time every time, do i have to switch it back and forth between ir and rf, is that difficult, a bit of extra details here would go a long way.

If the direct tv remote doesnt work for my cable box that is okay i can continue to use my own remote for the entertainment center, im mainly curious on the points of using it for the RF outlets, but programing it to the box would be a plus :rolleyes:

Thank You For Your Time if you read threw this, if you got anyway to improve on this idea go ahead and shoot im open to ideas. REMEMBER IM A CHEAP CABLE GUY. :bow Im looking forward to some help since i have no idea about anything direct tv related even if it is as simple as a remote.

- Wondering_Cable_Guy

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