Directv H25 with a Non-SWM LNB


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Jan 30, 2008
Please can I just use the Power inserter with the NON-SWN LNB?

An H25 will only work with a SWM lnb or swm switch, which requires a power inserter.
So , can I put a power inserter between the H25 and the non-swn LNB
Not unless you use a swm switch. You need a power inserter with an H25 because it is swm only, but you also need a swm lnb or swm switch. You can use a non swm lnb but if you do you must use a swm switch.
Just buy a SWM LNB off ebay, they're cheap. You don't need the more expensive reverse band one.

Other wise you'd need this expensive thing to have both SWM and Non-SWM receivers.


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