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Jan 24, 2006
Hello everyone!

I was wondering if any more information has been forthcoming about DirecTV adding Sleuth Channel? Sleuth is part of the Universal cable stations most non-in-the-knows would simply connect being part of the NBC dynasty that also includes CNBC, MSNBC, CNBC World and, lately, Bravo and USA Network.

Since I've entitled this thread, "DirecTV New Channels," I am also thinking of video-only programming. So far, we've seen BET on Jazz and TNT HD added during 2006 -- and I'm suspecting there'll be two more. (Anyone wanna speculate?)


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May 18, 2004
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Welcome to SatGuys; here are a few threads that already exist on that very topic. DirecTV keeps things close to the vest. Its a dang if they do, dang if they don't kind of thing. People that buy into all the advanced planning, get upset when things change at the last minute or don't happen on time. And then some can't stand not knowing, so it is a tough balancing act.
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