DirecTv w/TiVo compared to Dish PVR


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Dec 11, 2003
Is there anyone here who has actually first-hand experience using BOTH of these products?

I'm an avid TiVo owner now (of course all TiVo owners are avid), but I have not personally used a Dish PVR.

From Scott's reviews of the 522, 721, 921 that I have read, it would seem that TiVo has it all over Dish in terms of usability, reliability (though this seems to keep getting better) and especially features.

Time-based recording seems so 1980's. My TiVo has some 50 Season Passes to various shows, and only 1 time-based recording (for The Daily Show - Comedy Central does not indicate when episodes are new or repeat)

I'm having a tough time thinking about switching to the 921. Who knows, maybe VOOM with team with TiVo (yeah right, even I don't beleive that).

Tivo is "less hands on" and "easier" than E* DVR.
(fee based by a separate company who controls the fee)

E* DVR is "more hands on" and "involved" than Tivo.
(new units fee based by same company **previous units NO fee**)

I would compare them like this,

Tivo is like an automatic transmission in your car. It shifts for you.
(you have less control but more convenient)

E* DVR is like a manual transmission in your car. You shift it.
(you have more control but takes more effort)

I would say people who have less time and don't like being
"more involved" in the process would prefer Tivo.

People who have more time who like reading and deciding what shows to get would prefer E* DVR.

I prefer E* DVR.
Personally I LIKE reading the descriptions and I LIKE deciding on each program. I want to pick & choose myself.

Also with my 721, I don't pay ANY fee for my DVR.

I started time shifting (via VCRs) back in the 80's. So compared to that,
either Tivo or E* DVR is a breeze.

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