Yeah, I had help from Pam as recently as last week. They are still around, but their hours are unexpected for those of us in the East.
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Used them a couple of weeks ago. Just got to keep checking to see if they are available. Even when I sent a message it took a few hours before they responded but they finally did and I got what I wanted. .
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The operation of DIRT recently changed, and instead of being part of the Presidents Office in Denver, I understand things are handled out of Atlanta now.

We have not been in communications with them much since the switchover happened. They have basically just notified me of all the new accounts so I could set them up and thats about it.

They do pop in from time to time many times a day but only seem to be here a few minutes at a time, they don't appear to be actively reading posts like the old DIRT crew did.
In the past I just contacted them when I saw them online. Nowadays, I seldom see them on here. Is there another way to find them in case I need to contact them?
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I messaged them on Facebook Sunday about the problem with missing HD channels since moving from Alaska. PamB answered a couple hours later. Still haven't got the problem fixed, but have had a couple different techs responding to messages over the past three days. Looks like they share the Dish messenger account on Facebook.

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