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Nov 15, 2006
Ok, I have a Dish 100 with 119, 110 and 129 on it connected using a DP44 Switch. 129 is always giving me trouble and pixelating and going in and out. I adjust my dish until I am blue in the face and just cant seem to make it stable.

I have several extra Dish 500 dishes and was thinking about adding one and connecting it to the DP44 also to add in 61.5. Is this possible? Also, the only LNB's I have are legacy Dual and Legacy Twins... will these work or do I need to use a DishPro LNB to connect to the DP44 switch and add 61.5 to help out 129?

What is my cheapest LNB option that will work if the Legacy's wont work?
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Agonizing Fury

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May 22, 2008
Yes, you can add 61.5 to the Mix, but unfourtunately as you suspected you will need a dish pro LNB to use with the DPP44 switch. If there is any programming in your area that comes off of 129 only you may want to leave it hooked up. I believe you will want to hook up 119 to port 1; 110 to port 2; 61.5 to port 3; and 129 to port 4 (optional) This should give channels that are avaialble on both the 129 and 61.5 orbitals priority in the receiver. Alternatively, you can just leave 129 disconnected and use only 61.5 for your high def
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