Dish 1000 and adding receivers to it


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Nov 1, 2007
I currently have a Dish 1000 and have a ViP 622 DVR hooked up to it for HD on one TV and standard on the other. The Dish 1000 is also hooked up to two other TVs via a 322 receiver. The attached diagram shows the current configuration.
With everything going HD I am thinking of adding a HD (or FTA) receiver to each of the TVs and get rid of the Dual Tuners. To this end I am considering adding two more Coax cables to the existing Dish 1000. Would putting a DPP 44 switch be the best way to do this? If so where in this configuration would you suggest I add the switch?

If DPP 44 is not the way to go what other alternatives do I have? Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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