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Dec 4, 2016
Hey guys,

I recently purchased a Samsung TV (UN55KS800DF) and I've found several codes that allow the Dish 20.0 to operate it sufficiently. One area that I'm having problems with is the menu/home button. The 20.0 menu will take me straight to TV's settings rather than the higher level Home menu that allows me to select inputs, etc.

So, my plan was to us the Hybrid Learning mode to learn the Samsung's Home button onto one of the 20.0's buttons. When I attempt this, the 20.0 acts like I am not pushing the Samsung's button, and thus nothing ever gets learned. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong, or if there is an incompatibility here? Would a 21.0 remote help?

I am using the Dish ViP211k receiver. The process that I am following, which came from an older thread on this forum, is shown here:

1)Ensure the DISH Network remote control is programmed to the desired remote address to operate the DISH Receiver.
2)Place both the DISH Network remote and the original equipment’s remote control on a flat, stable surface.
3)On the DISH Network remote, press and hold the mode button for your equipment for about three seconds until all of the mode buttons light up, and then release it. Your selected mode button will blink.
4)Select the type of learning you wish to perform:
--Hybrid Mode---
5)Press and release RECALL, then hold the RECORD button for about three seconds until the mode button is lit again. The button remains lit while learning.
6)Point the front of the original equipment’s remote to face the small square (IR window) on the front left-hand side of DISH’s remote. Remotes must be within 4 inches of each other.
7)On the DISH Network remote, press the button you want to teach.
8)On the original equipment's remote control, press and hold the button you want learned. If the DISH Network remote learns the command, the mode light blinks off and then back on. If the mode light blinks three times or remains lit, the DISH Network remote did not learn the command. You may need to press the button on the original remote several times for the DISH Network remote to learn the command.
9)After a button has learned a command successfully, repeat steps 3 and 4 until all commands you want have been learned.
To end the learning sequence:
10)Press one of the mode buttons on the DISH Network remote. This saves all of the commands for that mode and exits learning to return to normal remote control operation.



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Sep 8, 2003
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I don't have the instructions handy at the moment so I can't check your procedure. Fwiw I have my 21.0 remote perfectly working with my Samsung Ju7100 TV.

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