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Jul 23, 2009
I have a legacy Dish 2700 receiver and trying to get it to receive programming from the 118.7 orbital slot. The software has 118 listed in the dish aiming screen (menu 6 1 1) so I'm assuming there is a way to receive it. I have a 500 plus dish, a dual band FSS/DBS LNB and a DP34 switch. During a switch test I took notice that the receiver does not recognize the DP34 switch so I'm assuming that its not compatible. I'm primarily interested in programming on the 118.7 slot and don't need 110 and 119. Will the receiver recognize the dual band FSS/DBS LNB if i connect the receiver directly to the 118.7 (port 1F)? If not, are there any switches available that will make this setup work with the legacy 2700 receiver?
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Dec 12, 2003
Dorchester, TX.
Usually for the cost of the DP adapter you can buy a 301 or 311 receiver that is DP compatible and has memory that the 2700 is lacking.
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