Dish 300 pole mount question

John Corn

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Sep 6, 2003
North Canton, Ohio.
I have a 5 foot pole with my dish 500 mounted on the top, it appears I have a line of sight to the 61.5 bird from that pole.

I can't remember, does the dish come with a pole mount, kinda like a muffler clamp so I can mount both dishes on the same pole. I have room on the pole to mount the dish 300 below it.
It comes with a mount and mast that allows you to bolt it to something wooden with lag bolts but you can get U-bolts to attach it to the mount to the pole. It dont come with the U-bolt (simulates a muffler clamp) that is needed to attach to the pole. There is a special type of peice of metal that goes onto the U-bolt that is better.

The closest thing I could find that resembles that is at this link, look at the right of the picture where the clamp is not round but jaged, kind of like steps. The ones that I had were gray.
With some larger diameter U-bolts I just had to just simply bore out the outer holes. I take a mount with me to the hardware store to make sure it fits.

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